Hi :)


I’m Camilla – I’m part Italian, part Austrian and originally started my blog when I was living in Vancouver, BC. I now live in Toronto and am about to embark on a 3 month long trip around Asia and decided it was time to start my blog again!

Feel free to contact me at: avenuecamilla@gmail.com

29 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Camilla, you have a really cool blog :) How long will you be Vancouver for? I’ll be heading there this December. Would be checking out your blog for places to venture to! :) Do you have Instagram? I’m @neptunethings

    1. Hi :) Thank you so much! I leave Vancouver on the 20th of December for winter break, will you be here before then? :) I can definitely recommend lots of places! My instagram is @ave.camilla :) xxx

      1. Hi Camilla, What a coincidence! I’m landing in Vancouver on 20th December! I’ve followed you on Instagram. :) xx

  2. Hi Camille. You have a beautiful blog. I am incredibly jealous of all your pictures, both for the fashion and the stunning scenery of Vancouver! Looking forward to seeing more from you! X

  3. yay another fashion blogger from Vancouver :) and yes…I totally get the feeling of wanting to wear sweats and rain boots all day, err day. the struggle is real :P xo

    1. I always get so excited when I find other blogs from Vancouver! :D This way when I can’t figure out how to dress for the weather I have other people to look to :)

  4. Hi there Camilla just wanted to say i really truly love your blog and your style is just amazing i would love to contact you for some trips I’m just starting out blogging and i would love some tips. xx have a lovely day

    1. Hi Anna, thank you so much!! That means a lot to me :) If you just send me an email via my contact page I’ll happily help with everything I can :) xxx

  5. You have fabulous style Camilla. Love! No more rain boots and sweats, or maybe get some stylish rain boots now winter is on the way. You *know* there’s gonna be a lot of rain!
    Thanks for the ‘like’.
    Cheers, Alison

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and or saying such nice things! :) I will definitely need to start getting winter ready, I don’t think this amazing weather is going to last much longer!

  6. Hi Camilla, I LOVE your blog, your style. Very very gorgeous and fabulous. I have to say I got a little depressed lol in comparison to mine *lol* but you have a wonderful sense of style. I’m adoring all your photos , style, writing, blog, the whole thing! Love it.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

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